Making the switch from Windows to Linux


I have been helping folks break away from Windows and switch to either Linux Mint or Ubuntufor a while now and I’m going to share part of an email I got this morning with you. It really exemplifies the reaction I get when people start using a Linux distro for the first time. You just have to get them in front of it and let them experience it for themselves. This fellow’s name is Brandon and he writes:

“I have come a long way since my first and even the last email I sent you. Linux Mint Cinnamon is looking great and thank you for emphasizing its value. I guess I had just never heard of it. I am also considering abandoning my support of Windows. Meaning I will let it live on a spare laptop in the mess that it’s in but from this point forward the mental weight of optimizing it and carrying it along in a reliable form seems like it is not worth it anymore. I will use that large amount of energy and focus towards proactively advancing skill with Linux, enough so that I can depend on it entirely. So rather than multi-boot it looks like I am going to throw in a blank SSD and put Mint 17.2 on it. Many of the configurations I saw you do in your Mint videos cover the points I am looking for. I am confident the other usability tweaks I am seeking in time will fall into place.” (Read the rest)