Midterm rush and AdBlock fun


It’s been a while since I posted on my blog – it’s been busy weeks as the midterm exams are approaching. Anyway, this post will be short.

I’ve tried Gnome Shell for about 15 minutes last week. This week, I’m running KDE 4. Coincidence? Maybe more details later – I’ll try to give Gnome Shell another shot when I’m out of shock!

After installing KDE 4 (in Fedora 14), I had some problems with Kopete. The buddy icons were not showing up in the chat window. Cause? AdBlock filters in Konqueror. After turning them off, the icons came back. So if you have problems showing images in Kopete, this might be your problem!

That is all! Next time, I’ll probably have more content – in the meantime, happy chatting in Kopete… with icons!