Moblin4Children – How-To compile GCompris in the Moblin Dev Image



step 1: install gnuchess
# yum install gnuchess

step 2: download GCompris from GIT repository
# git clone git://
# cd gcompris

step 3: configure software # ./
You will get some error, then run this command:
# ./configure –disable-gnet –without-python –disable-sqlite

step 4: change Makefile; remove docs/ directory from these 2 variables:
DIST_SUBDIRS = po src boards autopackage macosx

step 5: compile and install
# make # make install

step 6: run gcompris
# gcompris

NOTE: Moblin VMWare Image has a small Hard Disk (only 2GB). You need to add a second virtual Hard Disk.
– check if the whole application works
– check if localization works
– check if sound works (my VMWare Moblin Image has some problem with the audio card)
– build a portable package
KNOW ISSUE: full screen seems not to work
TO BE VERIFIED: Can we customize the layout of the main menu?