My wearable computer, updates and what happens next.



Solution was, or will be because I’m still trying to find the right components by testing, connecting a ceramic capacitor to it, in range of 220pf to 1nf or something. I’ve already found almost good enough, but there is still some minor disturbance that I don’t like. I have also sewn the Velcro in the strap that I carry all of the stuff, so that they don’t fall off as their glue isn’t working so well. It’s just a quick and really dirty, nothing for any real tests, but I can at least move with the stuff on, so it’s now officially a wearable computer. Even more so than the ones that just hangs on your shoulder and actually reside in a bag.

Also, I got a new battery! It’s 2200mah, I guess it gives maximum 1A out and should work for about 3 hours for my stuff, not exactly sure as I haven’t done any real battery testing, that will come soon too.
The battery has 1 USB-input, or so it’s written, so I’ll load the battery with that, and there is also 2 USB-outputs, so I might not need the USB-hub at all if stuff goes well. I’m not sure if I can use that input as output too, but it’s USB, so it’s 5v and all, so it should prolly not break anything if it wouldn’t work. I think it should, but I’m not really that good with electronics anyway. This battery works well for a demo and real world testing, but it is not nearly good enough for fulltime cyborg action!

I also got a gamepad, so I can test using the thing with something not boring. Worked oob in Ubuntu netbook edition, so should work well with Ubuntu on my wearable.

I’ll be taking pics next, didn’t have time today, or that’s my excuse anyway. Then I’ll fix the display. Then I’ll get Torcs or any other simple but fun game on, as I don’t yet have that stupid chording keyboard, and I’ll be wandering around school and maybe city, wearing the stuff and whacking the keypad and looking like a loony, while actually being a bit less insane (one can always hope) and playing some fun games. And of course testing the actual usability of the display solution and stuff. I’ll also start gathering the parts for a new Spiffchorder soon.

Fun times! Hopefully I got most of it here. Pics will follow if I remember to get some new ones.