New Subproject: openSUSE Medical


Abstract: I’m pleased to announce an new Subproject from openSUSE: openSUSE_Medical. This new Project tries to package more Software for doctors’s practice or clinical needs. With our work we try to bridge a gap in the market.
Logistic: For better logistic we have opened an new OBS Project called “medical”. You can use it as Repo Our new Wikisite is placed under: There you find our new Mailinglist for our Project.
What is to do? We try to package more Software. I’ve found this List about Free Medical Software. we thought, that we can try to build one Software each purpose. If this is done, we can try to package more Software. But it is important to package not too much. This is an Joy-Project.
What we need: First of all we need Packager. This Project is for beginner’s packaging  and for Packaging Specialists. We have stuff for everyone.

If you want to join our Team, just send a Message to:
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