NEWB’s adventure’s in Linux From Scratch


Well I’m back,

Yes, again.. already….:) I’ve basically used the first two days of this restart making small errors one after another. I made a small error during the install of expect  that cost me to remove the entire tools directory. Then when I tried to do it again I made a costly error that after installing glibc moving files around couldn’t be fixed and as Im installing gcc for the 4 time in 2 days, I realized that binutils was the files that were screwed up when I was moving files in glibc. It seems that these first few files have alot in common.

The only Liberty I’ve taken is installing ccache as a gcc cache , otherwise everything is stock configure. As the manual points out , binutils, gcc,and glibc are better off not being “optimized” at all. basic configure. I’m planning on continuing till I get to expect complete. Leave the rest for another day.