Nokia to adopt win mo… ? NooOOoOooOooooo!


I am a long time Nokia sufferer…  I love the N series.

First a N770 found it’s way into my daily life, then a N810 for a few years…, which is now mounted in my car and tethers to my… N900 in my pocket & with me everywhere.

You might say that I like the N series Nokia device alot….it’s a full blown Linux computer in my pocket.

At the same time, I think that Nokia sends a strong message that they hate us Nseries users but…..

Now, they are proving it…trying to imagine what is going to happen to Maemo and  Meego… after the Microsoft Nokia deal.

Maybe an Android is in my future?  Maybe even a 7″ tablet..I can use Google Voice and Skype….

I will NEVER carry a Win-mo device… Never Ever…..not even for free…not even for a large monthly payment made directly to my Swiss bank account….

Someone said it best…   2 Chickens do not make an Eagle……