Open office…etc.


In a previous post, I had mentioned that I had to turn my letters to web pages before printing. Now, fortunately, that isn’t necessary. They can be printed as is, and somewhat faster than before updating. It seems that any bugs were taken care of in the new Ubuntu 9.10 distribution.  I also was able to change from English to German and back easier…. but that might be due to my previous experience. 

I am also very pleased with the large selection of desktop backgrounds. A major improvement.

In the latest edition of Linux format magazine (here we get it every 2 months and always one edition behind- a disadvantage to living in a small town), there are some interesting articles…. one about Egika and another about making things faster.  I’m going to read both carefully. I think that egika is a good alternative to Skype and is also available for Windows.  That way I can use it with my sons. It allows multi- video calls so we can talk together… something that Skype doesn’t have. Besides, the image is great on the web-cam.

All in all, the new distribution is great. I’m glad that I upgraded. It is no more difficult than the previous ones. 

Regarding faster start ups, there isn’t that much of a difference between former distributions…. but when I compared it to my youngest son’s Vista, there was a major difference. He is very unhappy about having to wait so long to start. I believe that he’ll eventually start using Linux as well.  He was bragging to his friends that I know how to use Linux.