Pardus 2009 Beta!


At last Pardus 2009 Beta released as they announced before. Here you can read version managers post about this version:


 Second testing release of Pardus 2009 is ready ! Like always you can
download this release from Pardus FTP servers at

 For a smooth installation experience, please verify the checksum of
the ISO files after you have downloaded, use quality CD’s and burn the
CD in DAO mode with 16x speed.

 Latest stable release of KDE family version 4.2.4 is available with
enhancements for Pardus. Pardus 2009 Beta comes with many new
features of base tools PiSi and COMAR, the installation program YALI,
Pardus manager family and KAPTAN.

 The new version contains up to date packages like

 KDE 4.2.4
 Linux kernel 2.6.30_rc8
 Mozilla Firefox 3.5 RC1
 Gimp 2.6.6
 Xorg 1.6.2pre
 Python 2.6.2

 and many more in just one CD.

 Many more managers we have been using in 2008 are now ready for Pardus
2009. Managers now share the same look and feel, have many
optimizations and new features. Also there is a new tool in town,
System Manager, which can be used to manage system wide preferences
easily through the graphical interface.

 Package Manager has been through a major refactoring, and is now a lot
faster and easier to use. There are also new fatures like;

 – delta package support, decreasing the download size of updates from
40% to 98%
 – what is new support, allowing easy access to newly installed packages

 With the Beta release, new Pardus 2009 graphics are slowly hitting
the repos. Some of Cihan İncebel’s photographs are available for our
users both in standard size and widescreen size.

 From Alpha release to Beta, there have been many more optimizations
and features are integrated to Pardus 2009, including improved
installation speed in YALI, language and desktop setting fixes in
KAPTAN, etc.

 Known issues of Pardus 2009 Beta is as follows;

 – Depending on the locale, the time of the system may be set different
during installation.
 – With some ethernet devices, if the connection is set to get the IP
address atomatically, the connection may not be established at first
try, but is successful after a retry.

 We remind you that this is the second testing release for Pardus
2009. Not all of the features and optimizations of the final release
are ready in the beta release. As this release is within the fast
developement cycle, there will be lots of package updates towards the
stable release.

 We welcome you to report us the bugs you encounter and feature
requests in our bug tracker

Im so happy to see new Pardus version, i hope everyone will like it.