Possible Backgrounds+Defense Ideas for the Hack of the German Parliament


Michael Grandjean, employee at Univention and working in Professional Services, was like many Germans surprised by the audacious hack of the German Bundestag last month. Being in direct contact with customers he racked his brain how this bold “Advanced Persistent Threat” attack could have happened and, what is at least as important, whether such an attack could also be possible for our customers working with Univention Corporate Server-based environments, because the German Parliament uses OpenLDAP as does UCS and Active Directory services, which are also provided by UCS via Samba.

If you like to get a good insight on advanced hacking methods and tips for “Defense-in-depth” strategies for your IT as well an idea about the differences between Windows and Linux systems, go to the Univention Blog. Comments are always welcome!

German parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) in Berlin