reporting from Ubuntu 10.04


This entry is the first from the new distribution of Ubuntu 10.04.  I decided to update it now, rather than wait and work out any bugs.  This decision came after reading an article in the Linux  format magazine about how you can help improve your favourite distribution, even if your not an expert in computer programming, simply by reporting any bugs.  So instead of waiting for others to do the work and then  install the finished product, I thought I’d help out in that way.  Besides, isn’t that what open source is all about?  At this point, I’d like to thank those who replied to my post.

Installation was easy.  It took a few hours, but it kept all my settings, favourites and applications.  I absolutely love the appearance of the desktop and the choices it has. 
I noticed that the “x” for closing the window and for making it smaller was moved to the top left. No problem.   The language window is on the top right, it has both my English and German setting. Both work for documents and emails.  Skype works, sound is definitely better and video works great too.   So far, everything is super.  

On another topic….  in the magazine I read that my country’s government has decided ( finally) to use open source software in its computers.   Maybe, it has to do with the economic crisis that has affected many countries.   It didn’t say.  At any rate, that is good for Linux and open source in general.   As for me, I intend to take advantage of many applications in order to make things easier.  For starters… a recipe manager where I can keep all my recipes.