Top 10 articles celebrating Creative Commons’ very uncommon last 10 years




To a lot of people all over the world, Creative Commons is more than a license. The organization and their mission is a shining copyleft-light for work rendered by artists, designers, writers, and the list goes on. Here at all of our original content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA) which means that you are welcome to share (copy, distribute, and transmit the work), to remix (to adapt the work), or to make commercial use of the work. And many of our contributors choose to attribute thier work under the same license. Why?

Though the main idea is to provide access to all, everyone has their own personal reason for sharing their work, and the rights to use it, with the world. It’s true that what Creative Commons is all about comes down to something very personal, because it’s about work that represents peoples’ livelihood, their pride, their passion. For me, Creative Commons is bravery and openness. To jump on board with Creative Commons, it takes a real understanding of how open access can improve education, healthcare, business, law and other areas of life and technology.

To learn more, check the list below of articles we’ve published from some amazing authors over the past couple of years. And as Creative Commons celebrates their 10th Anniversary/Birthday this year (with events planned on every continent except Antarctica!), we encourage you to get involved: See a listing of events…Read more at