Trying to find an Online Content Management System


I have been looking for a good Online Content Management System for the past few weeks, the goal with this system is to house collaborative online documentation and share files.

So far I have looked at Joomla, Alfresco, drupal and mediawiki. I have excluded mediawiki because of the last of administrative control, Joomla because of the Security history and lack of features for my needs and Alfresco because of the lack of adequate features. 

At this point I am testing drupal see see what modules and functions may fit my needs and what may need to be modified. But I am starting to get the inpression that no pre-build CMS will fit my needs exactly, I may end up writing the system myself in php and java to guarantee that everything I want is included and no unnecessary fluff is included.

Please feel free to share any recommendations for CMS system that you use, the more information I have allows me to make a better decision and hopefully save a lot of time.