Web Design Job And A Story Of Diabetic Boy.


I am currently work for Malaysia web design firm and we also done some web marketing services such as backlink building, press release distribution and writing, etc. I love what I doing right now because it’s giving me more free time hanging out with my family. We usually works online but they do have office in Malaysia called Global Empire Enterprise. Beside working for the company, I also doing my own research and writing articles about diabetes warning signs. I began to built the diabetes site because of an inspirational video posted by a young diabetic who have been diagnosed for Juvenile Diabetes since he was 1 years old. The video was very touching that I drop my tear every time I remember about it. The young boy explained his life by capturing pictures of him and his families. It still fresh in my mind. The boy keep on going strong even though there’s losing day or night for him. I am not a diabetic but after watching the video, it makes me wonder how fortunate I am. However, I found out that a lot of peoples being ignorant about this topic. It is believe that diabetes is included into Top 10 Killer Disease. Millions of peoples are dying from this disease and it’s rising every year. Why are we being so ignorant about this disease? I hope you people out there can be more alert about this disease.