WIFI Problem in Ubuntu 10.04 SOLVED!!!


      Hey all you ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian, Slackware and other open source linux OS users out there, I have a fix to a serious bug that has happened in 10.04 lucid lynx ubuntu but may have happened in other versions of this or other OS’s.

      I recently upgraded to 10.04 from my old jaunty distro and i love the new desktop interface!!!  the only thing was that i could not connect to the internet for some reason. The wifi applet in the notifications bar said that it was connected but firefox wouldn’t load a page for some reason. I had been researching for days and hadn’t found anything, except for NDISwrapper which wouldnt install for some strange reason.  But then, while patrolling the forums, i found a post by our very own mfillpot saying something about wicd, an app that handles wifi supposedly better than the native applet. Well, he’s right, as always, and it even comes with a GUI!!! So i downloaded it from terminal and it installed beautifully. I then just had to enter the WPA key for my wireless network and i was in. must have had an integrated driver. that or i just hadnt set up wifi correctly, both are possible, seeing as i am more of an end-user software IT guy than an OS setup guy. XP


P.S.  i am running an hp mini with broadcom wireless card and ubuntu 10.04