Work experience with Lucid


It all begins when I worked as a web master..

But back in 2005, I worked as a forum administrator, after long discussions with my manager, I was able to install ubuntu -as I was an ubuntu fan back in these days- on my box, but not long after, my room partner left work and I had to move to his more powerful box. I also left work for study and exams reasons..

Afterwards, I work as a journalist. we had that box in the editors’ room with a 400 mhz CPU, 192 MB of Ram, and a whopping 6 gigs hard disk..! even in 2007 it was hard to find such a relic! they were using Widows Xp šŸ˜€ to run it but it was so much load on its poor bones, they couldn’t use Widows 98 because they don’t have any drivers cds for that box, that’s where I came into the scene and told them that Linux can fit into these specifications with no drivers needed..

As it was a political newspaper, no one there knew what the word “Linux” refer to, they were of that type that define “The software that make the computer operates and run applications” with the term “Windows” instead of “Operating System”..! I told them first: “It’s just temporary till we get the hardware models and then I’ll download drivers and install Win98, they accepted only then.

But not long after, came the famous Mediterranean cable cut that left most Middle East countries disconnected, they thought that connection problems that it we had were because of “my Linux” which was somewhat true, my box was having connection problems, but other rooms Widows-based boxes were unable to connect at all..!

Then I moved into an E-commerce company that I was supposed to be site manager of a site that never launched until I left..! the tech admin was a Unix fan and also a cracker (commonly known as hacker) but he refuse to let me setup Mandriva on my box, he like to use a distro called “Untangle” for the server and the gateway, and Widows for all other boxes on the network..

..And that bring us to the very current month -July 2010- when I became a web master..

I bring on my linux DVD -it was Mandriva this time- as I do in every job I get at the first day, when I happily found out that all boxes has ubuntu on it..! but it was 9.04 Jaunty, so I had to upgrade it twice to meet the current version..

Thank God they wasn’t mean enough to ket me in the sudoers list, so I did the two upgrades in an hour and half each, due to super fast connection.

the whale thing was great, every thing works so fast as it was freshly installed, the software center (previously known as  add/remove prograns) has keep being improved, Gwibber -the social media app- is much better than the one I have at home..! what do they did there..?

The janitor also is more usable than ever, and if you need to change your resolution don’t search for “Display”, it now calls “Monitors..! they also implanted some programs’ settings in the preference menu like Gwibber and Empathy..

But still not tempted enough do drop Mandriva at my home pc for tbe new ubuntu..!

– employers who don’t have Linux on their laptops, really hating it..
– ubuntu still the best approch for those who don’t know Linux.
– ubuntu Lucid Lynx is the best of the series
– use Mandriva..!