Asus Tinker Board Review: First Impressions


The Asus Tinker Board is a new ARM-based single-board computer (SBC) which stands out from the crowd. It’s tiny, affordable, with strong performance, and targeted at the DIY/hobbyist market. Essentially a complete PC — motherboard, CPU, GPU, system memory and more — all in one package, it is priced at £54.99.

SBC’s are very much in vogue. With sales exceeding 10 million units, the Raspberry Pi is the most popular British computer ever produced. The Pi has retained its position despite other manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon producing similar computers. None of its competitors have, to date, come close rivaling its popularity partly because there’s more software and support available for the Pi. Things could change with the Tinker Board. And not just because the computer is developed by Asus, the 4th-largest PC vendor.

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