In the Beginning


Hello and welcome to my first blog, please feel free to feedback any information that might help me improve my next blog entry.

About Me

Well what is there to say, I’m a 26 year old graduate of Computer Science. I currently work for a large Organisation, as a Applications Development Analyst, and project manager. My current role involves analysing new applications, designing new systems from scratch and integrating existing systems to get the best usage.

In my personal time I hash(Drinking and running), and row.

Well I think covers me for the moment!

Aim of This Series of Blogs

Recently I have been thinking a lot about cloud computing as part of work and also personally.

  • What clouds could be used for?

  • What are their benefits?

  • What are the drawbacks and how we could integrate cloud computing with desktops to improve portability and get more out of these fledgling systems.

With this in mind and the ever-looming thought trail from work of ‘How does this system improve the user experience?’

  • I intend to look at clouds in the context of integration between clouds and desktops;

  • Cloud based music stores and functionality.

  • The possible use of a cloud based architecture to bring about what could be known as Mail 2.0, or as I prefer ‘People HubExchange’ one federated system to accelerate communication whether that be: eMail, Instant Messaging, Blogs, etc. All in one interface that can group messages across all services by conversation thread.

Anyway I hope that the blogs that follow resemble at least partly what is outlined above.