Simply Kruisin’ …

Wot a gem …

 Krusader that is … i use the PCLOS distro and have only recently moved from GNOME to KDE, the reason being that when PCLinuxOS was upgraded to version 2009.1 i could NOT get my GNOME installation to follow it …. i encountered inconsistencies and could not get networking to work as it had been.

SOooooo, installed KDE and have been using and exploring it for the past six weeks or so. My system is a small peer to peer home LAN in which two workstations act as a fileserver, for storing dynamic data, and the other as an internal LAMP server, on which i mirror my genealogical site.

On top of my workstation, which is a dual boot machine [Linux and XP], there are two other workstations on the network, one XP the other WIN2000, which the rest of the family use.

Consequently i am forever requiring access to the file systems of five internal workstations plus the remote host where i publish my blogs, genealogy, resumes etc., and until i found Krusader, it was all a bit of having to use a variety of programs to cover all the bases.

However, having fully discovered Krusader i stand in awe of this wonderful file management tool. Not only does it have a ‘Command Line’ and ‘Terminal Emulator’ built in, it has two side by side panels which can show different file systems, either local or remote, and each of those panels are tabbed!!! You can connect ftp, fish, samba, sftp.

Of course the functionality on the menu is fully integrated to support moving and comparing files between the two … you can bookmark locations … recall locations visited historically … and the list goes on!!

But hey, you all already know all this dont you?? *smile* ….

… but just in case there is another NOOB out there who does a lot of file management ….

Krusader IS the answer!!