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I just installed the OS. Not knowing any better I used a name and password and set to log in on auto. Now I find the OS asks for the password for a lot of tasks. Can I remove it? Ignore it? Should I reload the OS NOT making those choices? Leaving those field blank. How and where do I find WINE to use windows programs?

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The reason why the OS is asking you for your password is because it is a Linux OS: almost every version of Linux will do this. Why? Think of it like this: when Windows sets you up as an a admin, every program has the right to run whatever at any time. (Though UAC is helping to stop this exploit) Linux/Mac OSX/BSD, etc. naturally asks you if a certain program has the right to run on your computer, and it will ask for your password to verify this. This is just the way Mint and MANY MANY any other versions of Linux are. You would have to find a specialty version for Linux not to do this.

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You can install some Linux users without requiring a password. However, there are certain operations, such as software update, modifying hardware configuration, or manipulating files that are not your own, that will require administrative user capability. You are the only user, so when it comes to running an administrator task, you will be asked for a password.

For what it is worth, you should create a regular user, that is, a second logon, which is a normal (non administrator) user. Use this logon to learn more about the system and to protect the system from modifications that only a knowledgeable user should perform.

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