Linux Mint

Based on Ubuntu, and in turn based on Debian GNU/Linux, Linux Mint's purpose is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution.
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bygroovydaddy, July 21, 2010
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For Windows users and formerly ex-Windows users (similar to myself), I feel Linux Mint KDE is a GREAT choice to get into a stable, easy to use OS. I've used many, many different Linux distros with countless WM/DE configurations, and Mint KDE is my favorite so far. Mint picked up where Ubuntu left off to make Mint even easier to use, understand, and customize than Ubuntu. Plus, in the battle of the two heavyweight DE's, KDE kicks GNOME's butt any day of the week.

Bottom line: Mint KDE is a winner because it is sophisticated enough for Linux vets and easy enough for noobs. * * * * *
bybizna, June 30, 2009
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Having fed-up with Ubuntu main distro, I've decided to give a chance to LinuxMint.

It was worth the while.

Looks? Better.
Multimedia support? Better.
Newer software editions? Indeed.

For a desktop distro, this is indeed an excellent choice.

bybiggles1000, November 13, 2009
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
It is visually better than Ubuntu and is faster, better and all round amazing.
I decided to register my self on so I could write this review, all of this just to say that I can't possible understand why in the world is this distro classified as a 3 star?! I'ts without a doubt the best Linux OS out there, it has everything we can dream of, stability, customization and simplicity, of course that Linux will always be Linux so it has it's complexity, but this Linux Mint helps the user in all possible ways.
So please change this to a 5 star rating, it's a OS that deserves to be on top and not on a second page with a 3 rate star's!
byLinuxRekca, July 6, 2011
This is a great distro, nice desktop effects. Highly recommend it!

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