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CUPS is the software you use to print from applications like the web browser you are using to read this page. It converts the page descriptions produced by your application (put a paragraph here, draw a line there, and so forth) into something your printer can understand and then sends the information to the printer for printing. Now, since every printer manufacturer does things differently, printing can be very complicated. CUPS does its best to hide this from you and your application so that you can concentrate on printing and less on how to print. Generally, the only time you need to know anything about your printer is when you use it for the first time, and even then CUPS can often figure things out on its own.
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bytwoelectric, January 6, 2010
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Have you ever had problems with printing? Not with Linux, because CUPS really makes it effortless. Although CUPS is now owned by Apple, it's GNU licensed, so that means that it's free. You can even contribute to CUPS, although I think it's difficult now as CUPS is already a very mature project.

byShaneH57, December 20, 2009
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This is a great app. I love this app because of the fact I do not have to go download the driver and then install. CUPS will download and install the driver for you.
bymfillpot, February 12, 2010
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Cups is one of the services that really makes Linux-based systems useful. The simplicity of printer installation, the ability to print to pdf documents and the server pool technology make it as great solution for enterprise networks.

As an example of the footprint, I recently bought a new HP printer, a windows XP installation would have taken 600 MB, a windows Vista or windows 7 installation would have taken 1.2Gb, but I am using Linux so everything that was needed was on my system, it only needed a 6k driver file.

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