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$99 Supercomputer Parallella Now Fully Open Source Hardware

While there is a open source alternative for almost every useful closed program out there, open source hardware are however rare. Parallella which started earlier as a Kickstarter campaign to create a really cheap, reliable supercomputer for masses, had promised earlier that they will make their hardware open source.

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Student Cluster Teams Break Records at ISC’13

At the 2013 International Student Cluster Challenge (ISC’13), the team from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China, won the Best Linpack award and set a new record with 8.455 Tflops. The team from the Centre for High Performance Computing of South Africa won the Overall Best award, and the team from Tsinghua University ranked second in terms of overall score at ISC’13. It is China’s second championship at ISC’13 after Tianhe-2 claimed the lead in the Top500 list, and attendees were impressed by China’s rapid development in system research, application development, and talent education of supercomputers. Jointly arranged by the organising committee of the International Supercomputing Conference, and the Advisory Council of High Performance Computing (HPC AC), the ISC cluster challenge is known as one of the top three world supercomputer competitions alongside the SC from the US and the Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge from China.

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Looking at the Timeline for 100 Petaflops

Over at The Register, Timothy Prickett Morgan looks at when we might see a 100 Petaflop machine on the TOP500 list. Berkeley Lab is aiming for 100 petaflops with its NERSC-8 box, which three years ago was tentatively scheduled for 2017 or so with a strong possibility of an earlier...

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FDR InfiniBand Gains Momentum on the TOP500

In this video from ISC’13, Gilad Shainer from Mellanox describes the rapid adoption of FDR InfiniBand on the TOP500 supercomputer list. Read the Full Story or check out more of our exclusive coverage from the show at our ISC’13 Video Gallery. Related posts:Video: Mellanox Tips the Scales on the TOP500...

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Keys to Exascale are Improving Power and Programming Efficiency

Over at the Nvidia Blog, George Middleton writes that Chief Scientist Bill Dally’s ISC keynote discussed how power efficiency and application efficiency are some of the toughest Exascale challenges. Reaching exascale, according to Dally, will require a 25x improvement in energy efficiency – 50 gigaflops (or billion floating point operations per second) per watt vs. the 2 gigaflops per watt from today’s most efficient systems. And, contrary to what some believe, manufacturing process...

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