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Keen On… Ray Kurzweil: How Computers Will Reverse Engineer The Human Mind By 2029

A new Ray Kurzweil book is always a major event. And his latest work, How To Create A Mind: The Secret Of Human Thought Revealed, is classic Kurzweil – both infuriatingly brilliant and brilliantly infuriating. Given Kurzweil’s remarkable intelligence, it might not be a coincidence that How To Create A Mind is a book about intelligence – focusing, in classic Kurzweilian territory, on the growing intelligence...

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Nvidia: Intel’s Xeon Phi Validates Accelerators

It was a Battle Royale at SC12 recently as the two leading accelertor vendors rolled out new products. Over at The Inquirer, Lawrence Latif writes that Nvidia is claiming that Intel’s entry into the HPC GPGPU market validates the use of accelerators and increases the market for its own Tesla GPUs. 

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An Apps Store for HPC?

Over at Computerworld, Patrick Thibodeau writes that easily available and affordable “Apps” are coming to HPC. In the mobile space Apps tend to be simple packages that do one thing very well. For HPC, an App would work the same way on a specific task, such as modeling and simulating the flow of a fluid.

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Video: Rogue Wave Steps Up with HPC Programming Tools for Intel Xeon Phi

 In this video from SC12, Scott Lasica from Rogue Wave Software describes the company’s Totalview debugging tools for the new Intel Xeon Phi. Rogue Wave’s rich set of development tools and libraries, which will now also include support for the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, bring valuable capabilities to software.

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Interview: Buddy Bland on How the #1 Titan Supercomputer will Power Science

 In this video, Buddy Bland from Oak Ridge National Laboratory describes the new Titan supercomputer, which just came in at #1 on the TOP500. As a hybrid system, Titan derived 100 percent of its LINPACK performance from NVIDIA K20X accelerators. 

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