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New Volleys in the Supercomputing Space Race

Over at Wired, Mike Barton writes that while the 20 Petaflop Titan at Oak Ridge may soon be crowned as the fastest machine on earth, the international supercomputing space race is alive and well. Titan is 10 times as powerful as Oak Ridge’s last big supercomputer, called Jaguar. Also built...

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Servergy Announces Linux-on-Power Enterprise Development Platform

Servergy is announcing this week its newest product in the Servergy Power Linux Series line, an innovative Linux-on-Power development platform called "P-Cubed".  The computer is an all-in powerful development board catering primarily to enterprise Linux programmers, but for educators and serious hobbyists as well. Leveraging Power Architecture (TM) in an SoC that encompasses high-end hardware, with features including multi-core with hardware virtualization, the board delivers where other development platforms fall short.
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More Reasons Why MPI is Good for You

Over at the MPI Blog, Cisco’s Jeff Squyres writes that recent bug-driven crashes remind that implementing complex network IPC middleware is very difficult, but luckily MPI does a great job of shielding all of that junk from you. You want your app developers focusing on the methods and the science...

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Nvidia: High Performance ARM Servers 'One or Two Years' Away

Nvidia believes that high-performance servers will remain the domain of the x86 architecture for the next few years, but that ARM processors, combined with the power of the GPU, will eventually take over.

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Video: Optimizing Every Milliwatt with ARM-based Servers

In this video, Calxeda co-founder David Borland describes the Boston Viridis server platform, which optimizes ARM-based Calxeda EnergyCore technology to achieve unprecedented power performance. We don’t worry about just watts, we optimize every milliwatts in the system.” Learn more at the LowPowerServers blog. In related news, AMD is reportedly...

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