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1. Is there a Linux app to reset password?
(CommunityAnswers / Applications)
2. Is there a Linux app to reset password?
(CommunityAnswers / Applications)
3. How can i run linux os along with ms/os XP?
(CommunityAnswers / Applications)
... SV3, designed in part by Java creator James Gosling. On the low-end, you can go underwater (with a tether) with the BeagleBone Black based OpenROV UUV.  ...
... They're almost like the tech-nerd equivalent of a gossip rag. I read 'em. You read 'em. We all read 'em (even if we pretend like we don't). But I have noticed something rather interesting about these sorts ...
6. Decking Out Linux for the Senior Set
Every once in a while here in the Linux blogosphere, a topic will suddenly pop up in multiple separate, unconnected places and take on a life of its own. Perhaps it's some unseen cosmic force guiding Linux ...
... child-friendly device. The idea is that carriers, vendors, resellers, organizations, and just plain folks could customize the backplates with logos, and perhaps promotional media clips. Jolla will eventually ...
8. How Linux Foundation Events Have Evolved
(Featured Blogs/Amanda McPherson)
... spread the gospel of collaborative development far and wide and to enable other community groups, like The Apache Software Foundation or the kernel development community, to focus on what they do best ...
... blogosphere. Recently, however, one came up that's enjoyed far less prominence -- at... FOSS fans are no strangers to difficult topics, and for proof one need look no further than the ongoing sexism ...
... designed to make coding as easy as assembling Legos. A Kickstarter for the project has attracted more than six times its... Raspberry Pi provides an inexpensive way for aspiring computer scientists ...
11. Migrating to MariaDB from MySQL
(Enterprise Computing/Systems Management )
... were gone. Oracle Looms Like a Massive Blimp Darkening the Sky In 2009 Oracle stunned both the geek- and blogospheres (I always wanted to use those words) by announcing it was going to purchase Sun ...
12. Intel's Quarky Arduino Adventure
(Embedded / Mobile/Mobile Linux)
... that the Linux world could have any more good news in store. That supremely encouraging gaming news, surely, was enough to last us a few good months here in the Linux blogosphere. Well think again! In ...
13. Distribution Release: Antergos 2013.08.20
(DistributionCentral/Distribution News)
Antergos (previously known as Cinnarch) is an Arch based distribution that previously focused on the Cinnamon desktop but now provides multiple choices on desktop environments. Antergos 2013.08.20 has ...
... of community, fellowship and mutual admiration amongst the participants. There is no time or place in OpenDaylight for know-it-alls and egos. Being open to ideas and respectful debate is incredibly productive ...
... Which app, you may ask? Why that would be Microsoft Office for Android, of course -- the arrival of which a few weeks ago has caused no shortage of jubilation in the Linux blogosphere. "The father of Linux, ...
16. Sadly, The H Goes Silent
(Enterprise Computing/Business News)
... carried over to the blogosphere and many online publications, causing previously high-quality sites to shut down and writers to go silent. With that in mind, it's sad to see one of the better tech media ...
17. Linus, Sarah and the Linux Civil Code
Anyone who has ever spent five minutes in the Linux blogosphere is probably already well-aware of Linux creator Linus Torvalds' propensity for speaking his mind in the plainest of terms. It was just slightly ...
18. Android's Audacious Desktop Debut
(Embedded / Mobile/Mobile Linux)
Well temperatures have climbed discouragingly of late here in the Northern reaches of the Linux blogosphere, with the result that there's often been standing room only down at the frostily air-conditioned ...
... complex computing tasks, but by gosh we're making it haul water, chop wood, and dig ditches, and it's doing it cross-platform. SaaS is popular with software vendors because it reduces their support costs, ...
20. Another Day, Another Distro: Antergos Linux Is Born
(DistributionCentral/Distribution News)
... the proverbial boot, calling it "too much a burden to maintain/update going forward." Instead, they've turned to GNOME, with the result that Cinnarch has now renamed itself "Antergos," a Galician word ...
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