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1. Is there a Linux app to reset password?
(CommunityAnswers / Applications)
2. Is there a Linux app to reset password?
(CommunityAnswers / Applications)
3. How can i run linux os along with ms/os XP?
(CommunityAnswers / Applications)
With this week's launch of Fedora 21, here's a performance comparison of the new Fedora Linux release compared to the Arch-based Antergos rolling-release distribution, Debian GNU/Linux Jessie, openSUSE ...
... apt-get vs. Yum, and oh my gosh the license wars. GPL, BSD, artistic license, MIT license, copyleft, copyright, Apache, the Unlicense, Q, Nethack, Multics, Sleepycat, Fair, and dozens more, all sounding ...
6. Woz: Hello iPhone 6, Goodbye Android
(Embedded / Mobile/Mobile Linux)
... sell. But Woz sure likes Apple's new iPhone 6, so much so that he's ditching Android, Google's mobile operating system he's grown fond of. In the below video from entertainment news and gossip ...
7. 23 Years of Terrible Linux Predictions
... this is “undeniably bonkers levels of didn't happen.” But, now in Trae's defense on this one, I think I've made similar predictions nearly every year, myself. And, really, Linux isn't doing too gosh darned ...
Browsers have been a hot topic lately here in the Linux blogosphere, not just because of all the woes plaguing Tor in recent weeks, but also because of the increasingly worried mumbling about Firefox's ...
Frequently within the Phoronix Forums it is requested to do benchmarks with Arch Linux since its users tend to be adamant that it's the fastest Linux distribution. In the past I've run benchmarks of the ...
I decided to give Antergos a whirl to see how this Arch Linux variant works. For those pressed for time or looking at an easy path for setting up an Arch Linux installation, Antergos seems to get the job ...
11. Intel Reveals Open Source Robot Kit and Smart Shirt
(Embedded / Mobile/Mobile Linux)
... and battery before you wash it, he added. According to PCMag, Krzanich said the shirt uses a specialized silicon-based product called Gossmer. Jimmy the Open Source, Humanoid Robot After unveiling ...
Alex Filgueira has announced the release of Antergos 2014.05.26, an Arch-based distribution featuring the GNOME 3.12 desktop. Alex Filgueira has announced the release of Antergos 2014.05.26, an Arch-based ...
13. Linux Pros' Top Command Line Secrets
It was a relatively quiet week here in the Linux blogosphere, giving residents a long-overdue opportunity to enjoy a few Tequila Tux cocktails and take stock of all the FOSS-related happenings that have ...
14. Create Vector Graphics with Open Source Software
(Community Blogs/General Linux)
... signage, logos, typography, vehicle wraps and layout. Bitmap editors are more suitable for retouching, photo processing, photorealistic illustrations, collage, and illustrations drawn by hand with a pen ...
... SV3, designed in part by Java creator James Gosling. On the low-end, you can go underwater (with a tether) with the BeagleBone Black based OpenROV UUV.  ...
... They're almost like the tech-nerd equivalent of a gossip rag. I read 'em. You read 'em. We all read 'em (even if we pretend like we don't). But I have noticed something rather interesting about these sorts ...
17. Decking Out Linux for the Senior Set
Every once in a while here in the Linux blogosphere, a topic will suddenly pop up in multiple separate, unconnected places and take on a life of its own. Perhaps it's some unseen cosmic force guiding Linux ...
... child-friendly device. The idea is that carriers, vendors, resellers, organizations, and just plain folks could customize the backplates with logos, and perhaps promotional media clips. Jolla will eventually ...
19. How Linux Foundation Events Have Evolved
(Featured Blogs/Amanda McPherson)
... spread the gospel of collaborative development far and wide and to enable other community groups, like The Apache Software Foundation or the kernel development community, to focus on what they do best ...
... blogosphere. Recently, however, one came up that's enjoyed far less prominence -- at... FOSS fans are no strangers to difficult topics, and for proof one need look no further than the ongoing sexism ...
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