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... human. If you need help or a custom configuration they will take care of you. Oddly, the titans of tech are unable to do this without making it a great big hairy deal. (I learned to make custom Debian ...
2. Move Over GIMP, Here Comes Krita
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... and speed (figure 4). Fig. 4: Curves brush The hairy brush, as figure 5 shows, is indeed hairy-looking. Fig 5: Hairy brush  Brush controls The blue bars are sliders, and there are also arrow ...
3. Embedded Linux Distros Follow Yocto Project Lead
(Embedded / Mobile/Mobile Linux)
... sorting out licensing. "License compliance is a pain for roll-your-own distros," says Osier-Mixon. "It gets very hairy for derived projects where, for example, someone starts with Fedora or Ubuntu and ...
4. Tuning Embedded Linux: When Less is More
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... are to go for the "low-hanging fruit" first, the 90% that is easier to get rid of and not the "hairy" stuff that can take forever to optimize. The budget that Hart came up with includes ...
5. Weekend Project: Intro to Using sed Regular Expressions
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... of characters in a file or stream of text. Regular expressions can get pretty hairy, but as unpleasant as they may seem at the beginning, they're well worth learning. GNU sed masters will notice ...
... with two, three, or ten people via email can get hairy fast. But I‚Äôm not sure Wave is the answer... Read More  ...
7. Setting up wireless with ar9170 in Linux
(Community Blogs/General Linux)
... 2.6.30 and as far as I know those have not reached any desktop distros yet so you have two options A. go through some rather hairy step and compile the latest linux kernel: ...
8. Alpha-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... configured as a write-back cache. The 21064 does contain hooks to allow external hardware to maintain cache coherence with the Bcache and internal caches, but this is hairy. The 21066 uses the EV4 core ...
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... and needs the least handling of hairy details (like video clock programming, etc.). The only requirement is that the software can detect the video adapter. A cheap accelerated graphics adapter (like Trio ...
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