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1. How to Protect Your Android Device from Malware
(Embedded / Mobile/Mobile Linux)
If you're in the majority of Android users, your smartphone or tablet isn't protected from malware attacks. In fact, Jupiter Research reckons that a full 80 percent of smartphones are unprotected. Why ...
Jupiter Broadcasting, the guys that bring you the Linux Action Show, now bring Linux enthusiasts a new Linux podcast: Linux Unplugged. The first show appeared a couple of days ago to address issues time ...
... out-of-this-world adventure will take place, but we do know the newfangled One X+ is already being touted as a potential candidate to climb aboard a Jupiter-bound spaceship in the coming future. Read ...
4. Bending Gnome Keyring with Python – Part 3
(Community Blogs/General Linux)
... gk.item_create_sync(KEYRING_NAME, gk.ITEM_GENERIC_SECRET, 'magnun@Jupiter:22', , 'passwd', True) print 'New host added (id=%i)'%(id) Save this as and run it... Read more...  ...
5. Accessibility-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
...  Jupiter Speech System is a screen reader for Linux in console mode. A user guide and software packages are available at: Screader is a screen reader for ...
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