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Gitweb is a CGI program written in Perl and uses Apache as its web server.

Give your Git Repository an Open Source Web Interface

Git is a very popular open source version control system. Many developers use Git on a desktop machine and push their updates to a central server running on a service like GitHub or GitLab. Although such services are great, this may lead some to think of Git as a client-server model with local...
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Canonical Eases Ubuntu App Development with New Build Dependency Rules

The Ubuntu development team admits that the process of separating Ubuntu packages between the "main" and "universe" software repositories caused the Ubuntu development to be dragged down
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21 Excellent Open Source Linux Text Editors

We previously published an article on the best open source editors in 2008. Given the length of time that has elapsed, and the new projects that have come forward, it's prudent to update the article. Here's our updated list of the finest open source editors available for Linux. Naturally, it's...
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Get to know the Atom editor.

Atom Editor: Your Next Go-To Text Editor

The text editor is a tool Linux users have either a casual or a very deep relation with. If you’re one of those users that only opens up the text editor on the rare occasion that a configuration file must be tweaked, then you’re probably good with the likes of Nano. Developers, on the other hand,...
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What to Know before Using Windows 10’s New Linux System

Curious about what the new Linux subsystem in Windows 10 can and can't do? Here's what we've learned about its first release. What sounded like an April Fools' joke turned out to be anything but: Core Linux tools, including the shell, are now available to run natively inside Windows 10 thanks to an...
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Introduction to Docker Compose Tool for Multi-Container Applications

Docker is celebrating its third birthday this week, on March 23, but some of you may still not know about all the tools that come with Docker. In this blog we will introduce you to Docker Compose, one of the tools, which with the Docker Engine, Docker Machine and Docker Swarm, empowers developers...
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How to burn .iso to USB drive

CD/DVD drives have gone obsolete and USB drives have become more popular and cheaper now. Thats the reason we prefer to use USB drives instead of CD or DVD to install a new system.    There are many utilities available which can do this. UNetbootin (http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/) is one of ...
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Guide to the Open Cloud

The open source cloud computing landscape has changed significantly since we published our first cloud guide in October 2013. This revised version adds new projects and technology categories that have since gained importance, and in some cases radically change how companies approach building and...
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How to Install Linux on an Acer C720 Chromebook

Chromebooks are amazing little machines. They are a marvel of speed and simplicity. The Acer C720 Chromebook is certainly near the top of the list of Chromebooks to be purchased (next to the Chromebook Pixel, of course). It's speedy and it's inexpensive. But for some, the simplistic nature of the...
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Advanced XML-based typesetting and printing

Author: Advanced XML-based typesetting and printing Last time we introduced you to the simple tools you can use to do typesetting with the Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL. In this concluding look at the topic, we'll look at some more advanced techniques, and at how to...
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