July 24, 2009

antiX M8.2 has been released and I recommend it!

The announcement for the release of antiX M8.2 can be found here on the antiX forum site, and as usual, I recommend it.

Those of you who like to pretty much concoct your own system might want to give antiX BASE a try. It is very close to the size of SLAX in image size, does not come with much pre-installed, so you can pretty much rip it apart and put in what you want, whether that's something light or heavy.

For those of you who want a complete, yet lightweight system likely to work on older Pentium III and IV hardware, this is a great one to try out in the full version. I have used both versions in the past and I have already downloaded, and I am about to try out, both the BASE and FULL versions in Virtualbox OSE, then install one or both of them on my systems in place of the current system.

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