May 17, 2009

ASUS Ai Remote driver

Note: This script comes with absolutely no warranty! I only wrote it for my own perposes, that's why currently only the multimedia keys are supported and I don't even know if they work on all systems. I tested it on Ubuntu Jaunty and Intrepid.


First you need to install Python USB-support and the virtkey-module. For debian based distros this means:

sudo apt-get install python-pyusb python-virtkey

After downloading the file it must be run as root in order to make your remote work.

For everyone with basic python skills it should be possible to personalise the 'driver'.  If your having trouble with it or want me to show you how to add keys, simply use the comments.

Because I didn't know where to upload I pasted it on Just create a file and paste the text from the link to it and then run:

sudo python



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