April 2, 2011

Crisis in Japan

This is not one my common linux blogs, however it is one that I feet people should be aware of.

We have heard of the disasters in Japan. The 9.0 earthquake and the Tsunami that flooded Japan's nuclear reactors causing massive blackouts and raising the radiation alert is of great awareness. Japan as of now is still struggling to recover from these disasters and it may take months before this situation is under control, if it can.

What is more critical, is Japan's inability to continue to produce computer chips for Apple products, computers and cars. Because Japan is the leader in semiconductor chip production, the world wide supply of computer chips has slowed down dramatically. Only a few factories are operational but at limited production capability. There is no telling when the others will be fully operational. Some of the factories has been damaged so bad that they may never come back online.

Also facilities that produce hydrogen peroxide that allows the product of silicon wafers to build computer chips have suffered greatly. Any new computer devices in current production has stopped which will mean, we will not see much of any new technology products for a while.


What really concerns me, is what indication these disasters have? We have been told the world will end in 2012 according to Nostradamus. I don't believe in people claiming to predict the end of any race, yet I'm starting to wonder if these things are part of a serious pattern. Perhaps we lost our way and we need a wake-up call. If we are to survive for several more generations, maybe its time to re-evaluate how we view human priority.

One country should not be solely in-charge of an essential production material. All countries should at least have distributed assistance in something that has world demand. We all use it, we all should help build it.

Please send your prayers out to the victims in Japan.  

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