February 16, 2011

Future of QT Software Developers after the deal between Nokia and Microsoft

As all Linux enthusiast Software Developers , since graduation we have been studying and working with QT Library and Framework. to Develop under Linux and deploy on Windows and Mac. 

We were waiting for one thing from Nokia, it's to have there own Desktop Distribution of Linux, they can Call it QTOS and Embedded OS. as Red Hat has Fedora, and Novell has SUSE, even if they call it Nokia Linux. that will get all Linux crowds interested in them.

 But after the news about the deal between Nokia and Microsoft, which makes us afraid to go farther with QT as Nokia have to put out what are there planes for QT Library.

 It was nice to see QT grow up with us, and now it dose look as one of strongest Development platform, the right step should be more security for QT Software Developers, and Advertise it in Universities, and the CEO of Nokia should mark safety for Developers.

 One time Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft, in one of his conferences was repeating "Developers , Developers, Developers " for almost several minutes setting the important position developers play . investing on Developers it's what made Microsoft be number one and the fastest option for business solutions and Development.

Most Software Developers will come throw Visual Studio in some way or another throw there study or work , so it's easy for them to start developing for Mobiles from day one, as they are familiar with the SDK Development platform.

 But it will take Developers some time to learn how to use the new OS, GUI , and Development and Deployment. as if we look at what is happening on IPhone, Android .. We hope that Nokia keeps the best support for Developers and not made the mistake of leaving what they have been investing on, the only things they need is to advertise there QT Creator, and they will be number one on Desktop and Mobiles, and all other mobile companies will follow them into having there OS or QT Development, instead of having software invading the Nokia hardware.

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