May 14, 2009

How a poor boy of an in development country know Linux!

How a poor boy of an in development country know Linux?

All starts with a  simple fail, i need to use a computer, but it doesnot have Hard disk. Flash Drives was so expensive for me, so i rebember of an old conversation with one of my friends:

"I discovered that exist an Operational Sistem where there is no need for Hard Disk, it is Kurumin", it was Kurumin Linux.

So  i gone to my friends house and get one of this old Kurumin CDs, and run it by Live CD. WOW what was that? Runing just on RAM, on a old computer, it was faster than <the other> OS. Time passed and I got money enough to buy a HD, so I decided to install Kurumin in Dual Boot with <the other> OS.

After this i become sad because of some comments about the discontinuity of the Kurumin project. I quit Linux by a month when other friend tell me about Debian, so i downloaded it (yes on this time i become a University Student and get Internet), and instaled it.

WOW again ! another world, another Level!

I started with Debian etch, in January this Year, so i was tenpted to try Debian Lenny. Yes, i gone! Some time past and i get a faster computer and continued using Debian Lenny, now with 1GB RAM! Testing is Great!

Time passed and Lenny Become Stable! Wow it was fantastic! But i could not wait 2 days before going to Squeeze, where i am Now.

The live with Gnu/Linux  is SO EXCITING!, last week i tried to compile a new Linux Kernel. It fails, but this week i will try harder!

 Thank you Linux and GNU developers, you make me become a free man! Now i can use a computer, and change what i want on my PC! Thank you i can use a computer now!



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