May 25, 2010

License Equals Software Quality?


Michael Hall, former editor of Linux Today, pointed out a blog entry with an interesting take on the recent beating Apple has been taking in the press lately. (Heads up: colorful language ahead.) It was a posting that made me sit back and re-evaluate some of my own views.

Apple fan Mike Lee takes a lot of the anti-Apple media hype to task and raises some strong points that essentially reminded me that it's not particularly fair to judge Apple as an open company--because they were never an open company to begin with. As someone who's also raised questions about Apple's practices in terms of fencing web content for the sake of user experience, I have to admit I am guilty of applying that filter to view Apple, too.

Lee points the finger of blame squarely at Google, which he believes is the ultimate author of the Apple hate. I don't agree with all of Lee's points, because he paints Google with almost a broad a brush as he accuses Apple's critics of doing. His overall thesis, though, has merit: judge Apple on its products, not what other people say about those products.


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