June 11, 2009

NEWB's adventure's in Linux From Scratch

Back again,

Well, I cleaned up my mess.  Reformatted my drives and re-installed the source in my source directories.  Over the last day I took time off to try and get a bit better,  ( that hasn't helped much) I'm having a hard time concentrating.  I've made it a point not to install more than a couple of programs at a time, stopping after 2 or 3 for a short break, to get a coffee or something. I've also got a notepad to note each step I complete so I know where I'm at when I come back.

  On another note, I got to the point of bootscripts and network configuration files and such  before I had to nuke  the "build " this time and since I 'm using dhcp those files confused me as they were using static ip's, I'm no network guru, but I don't think that will apply to me. I've decided to get the config files I used for gentoo and also the ones from my working linux distro on this box (dual-boot with Crunchbang ) and see if I can figure things out.  The keyboard and console config was just as confusing to me. It seems like Linux is adopting UTF 8 slowly as the new standard however many legacy programs still use the prevailing standard. Always wondered how to choose what when it came to the keyboard in the Linux install menu.

  Also , the devices are handled differently too, I 'm starting to understand why fstab was such a mess in Gentoo... "media" vs "mnt" and I've saved the links to the sites discussing Udev... lots more reading for this newb. 

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