January 11, 2011

No peace for the "Save As WWF" campaign (and it's not only because of Linux)

On November 30, 2010, the German section of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched Save As WWF, Save a Tree, a “green” (because not printable) file format. A few days later, I explained why that WWF format is dumb, anti-environment and generally useless, the format was cracked and Hans Bezemer released a .WWF toolkit to generate, convert or print WWF files on Linux. This could have been enough to just let “Save As WWF” quietly die. Last week, instead, I discovered that not only “Save As WWF” continues to refuse critiques from the Free Software Community (see below); but it also got plenty of other attacks for being anti-enviroment, from a completely different angle. Read full story at the Stop.

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