May 27, 2009

Petition for Linux support by Netflix

Dear Linux user,

 Ken Starks started a petition to ask Netflix to support Linux. Especially, to support the 'Watch Now' function Netflix offers. If enough people sign this petition, I am sure that Netflix will do so, unless they have a really good excuse to turn their back on all Linux users.

Sure, Netflix uses DRM to protect their content, and a lot of Linux users consider DRM evil. However, opening Netflix for Linux is only a first step; showing them that there are Linux users willing to use Netflix but at this moment not able to be doing so.

 If you agree that Netflix supports Linux, please sign this petition. It may serve as an example to other companies as well.

 On behalf of everyone who'd like to use Netflix with Linux, let me say 'thanks'. And with Ken's famous words I sign.

 All righty then...

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