March 2, 2016

RDO Kilo ML2&OVS&VLAN Mutti Node Deployment on Fedora 23

Current post follows up  Hackery to get going RDO Kilo on Fedora 23 . To complete packstack run for two nodes Controller/Network and Compute setup I had to apply as pre-installation following patches, otherwise neutron puppet crashed on Fedora 23 :-
1. Fix vs_port usage in Red Hat distros   

2. Explicitly say that ovs_redhat parent is ovs

As post-installation patch for python-glanceclient  17.0-3 on F23
Convert headers to lower-case when parsing metadata

To be able to work with python-urllib3 1.13.1 installed on F23.  In other words,  to rebuild python-glanceclient-0.17.0-3.fc23.src.rpm and re-install rpms produced by the build , followed by `openstack-service restart`.  Would I have separated Storage Node glance client should be patched on both Storage node and Controller as well.

Complete text maybe seen here






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