May 12, 2015

Release of Univention Corporate Server 4.0-2

The second patchlevel release of UCS 4 has been published today including numerous user feedback-based improvements in the areas of usability and security plus a wide range of bug fixes.

Completely new is the integration of the Linux container technology Docker to strengthen the Univention App Center as the central and secure platform for the operation of different applications.

Further Highlights:

  • UCS now for free without limitations for everyone incl. companies with the UCS Core Edition
  • Automatic configuration of apps from the App Center when performing remote installations
  • New tutorial for ISVs about how to package for UCS as well as how to include apps in the UCS management system and make them available via the App Center
  • Usability improvement, e.g., as to the login-process, when importing the license and within the configuration assistant
  • Improvements in the Samba 4 and Active Directory compatibility
  • Automatic network-based installation of UCS
  • Improvements of the UCS mail server
  • Integration of the IMAP server Dovecot to choose between Cyrus IMAP and Dovecot
  • Improvements of security settings in the Apache web server to disable old encryption settings.

Further information in the Univention blog

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