June 28, 2009

Status report : June

So, I'm building that wearable computer now and when I have this blog, I thought "Why not to report here?".

  So, I got that BeagleBoard, yay. I have also ordered a Myvu Crystal and I have Spiffchorder parts.

 BeagleBoard is certainly powerfun enough for a wearable. Also, it works really well. It works now.

 I had to make a serial->beagleboard cable. In the beginning my keyboard was not working with minicom, but I needed to swich pins 2 and 5 from the end going to the beagleboard.

 I partitioned my sd-card, multiple times as I misread and was lazy reading the instructions. At least I learned how to do i, and did it correctly. There's some really nice documentation about beagleboard installation on elinux wiki. I also had to switch "mmcinit" to "mmc init" for bootargs.

 I seem to have a too small power connector... I cannot move the board without it reseting.

  I have a hard time getting my 3g working. I'm going to buy a bigger sd, so I can just install full Ubuntu there and cut out the parts I don't like.. I don't like wvdial at all, and that seems to be mutual.

Now I have bootable minimal Ubuntu with lxde.

While I still don't have my Myvu Crystal, I'm going to start building the Spiffchorder today. Hopefully I'll get it done and can start training and create a chordmap for finnish.

I'm going to build a Spiffchorder, because it works with everything that accepts usb-connection, so when I'm going to have it with me, I can use it with everything.

 If I just had that stupid 3g working, I'd be extremely happy about this thing, now I'm just happy. :) I'll have a finished somewhat tested build within two months for sure!

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