Should I Let A Certification Expire If I Don’t Work With It Anymore?


    We’ll say from the outset that the answer to this question is “It depends.” More clearly though, it depends heavily on the certifications you have, how much effort it took for you to get them, and whether you think you’ll ever need to fall back on them again in the future. In general though, if the time and effort is minimal, we say keep them up to date. If it’s a ton of effort, you might want to think twice. Let’s do a deeper dive and explain when it can benefit you to keep certs you don’t use relevant and current, versus when it’s not worthwhile.

    Just because you no longer use your professional certification in day-to-day life doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. For example, did your certification come in handy when you applied for or were interviewed for your current job? Even if you don’t think it’s directly applicable, any professional certification can give you an edge, and show that you have a broader knowledge set than someone else applying for the same job. 

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