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OpenTracing: Microservices in Plain View

By Ben Sigelman (@el_bhs), OpenTracing co-author Those building microservices at scale understand the role and importance of distributed tracing: after all, it’s the most direct way to understand how and why complex systems misbehave. When we deployed Dapper at Google in 2005, it was like someone...
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Docker Networking Fundamentals

Each Docker container has its own network stack. This is due to the Linux kernel NET namespace, where a new NET namespace for each container is instantiated and cannot be seen from outside the container or from other containers. Docker networking is powered by the following network components and...
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IoT at the Network Edge

Fog computing infrastructure provides an intermediate processing point between IoT endpoints and the cloud. A significant trend in the Internet of Things is the shifting balance between cloud computing and edge computing (also known as fog computing). While in the past machine-to-machine (M2M)...
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Node.js v6 Transitions to LTS

The Node.js project has three major updates this month: Node.js v7 will become a current release line. Node.js v6, code named “Boron,” transitions to LTS. Node.js v0.10 will reach “End of Life” at the end of the month. There will be no further releases of this line, including security or stability...
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In advance of Prometheus Day, to be held Nov. 8-9 in Seattle, we talked to Ignacio Carretero, a ShuttleCloud software engineer, about why they chose Prometheus as their monitoring tool.

Solving Enterprise Monitoring Issues with Prometheus

Chicago-based ShuttleCloud helps developers import user contacts and email data into their applications through standard API requests. As the venture-backed startup began to acquire more customers, they needed a way to scale system monitoring to meet the terms of their service-level agreements (...
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Network Topology Guide for the Internet of Things

A network topology is how computers, printers and other devices are connected, and describes the layout of wires, devices and routing paths on a network. When referring to topology through the lens of IoT, it is how sensors, actuators and gateways communicate with one another. There are a number of...
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Telemetry, An Essential Part of any Cloud-Native App

Why telemetry, a new factor in app development, can mean the difference between success and failure in the cloud. This is an excerpt from Kevin Hoffman's free ebook, "Beyond the Twelve-Factor App." Download the full ebook here. In Beyond the Twelve-Factor App, I present a new set of guidelines that...
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Cloud Native Computing Foundation Adds OpenTracing Project

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) today officially announced that the open-source OpenTracing project has been accepted as a hosted project. CNCF got started in July 2015 as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. The inaugural project behind the CNCF is Google's Kubernetes, which...
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Wolfgang Ries
Wolfgang Ries, CMO of Fujitsu EST, discussed the evolution of open source at Fujitsu, and the company’s first open source project Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM), in his keynote at LinuxCon Europe 2016.

Fujitsu Open Source Project Aims to Be Front End for Cloud Foundry Service-Broker API

Last year, Fujitsu launched its first open source project, Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM), for service providers, IT departments and end users to manage and track the cost of provisioning cloud-native applications. It is, essentially, a platform to manage cloud services and build marketplaces...
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OpenStack’s Latest Release Focuses on Scalability and Resilience

OpenStack, the massive open source project that helps enterprises run the equivalent of AWS in their own data centers, is launching the 14th major version of its software today. Newton, as this new version is called, shows how OpenStack has matured over the last few years. The focus this time is on...
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