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Using Nano-Segmentation Apcera Looks to Bring Cloud Trust to Docker Container Deployment

Highly secure trusted cloud platform provider Apcera, Inc. today announced the release of its own approach to securely managing Docker containers in production at scale. The product is an enterprise-ready orchestration framework called the Apcera Trusted Cloud Platform and it is designed to address...
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John Willis
John Willis makes a point during a presentation at Open Networking Summit 2016.

What is DevOps? John Willis Explains

John Willis is an IT operations veteran of more than 35 years, and he has been a leader in the DevOps movement from the beginning. He is a co-host of the DevOps Cafe podcast, co-author of the upcoming DevOps Handbook, and Evangelist at Docker. You can find him presenting about DevOps, most likely...
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​Apache Libcloud: The Open-Source Cloud Library to Link All Clouds Together

Apache Libcloud, the leading cloud service interoperability library used by Amazon Web Services, Apache CloudStack, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and VMware, has finally reached 1.0 status. One of the great problems with cloud has always been interoperability. The Apache...
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Xen 4.7 Open Source Linux Hypervisor Arrives with Non-Disruptive, Live Patching

Xen 4.7 arrives eight months after the release of the previous version, Xen 4.6, and it appears to be yet another major release, not that we expected less from the leading open-source virtualization system, which is currently being used in many of the world's best and renowned cloud hosting...
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Docker Launches a New Marketplace for Containerized Software

At its developer conference in Seattle, Docker today announced the private beta of the Docker Store, a new marketplace for trusted and validated dockerized software. The idea behind the store is to create a self-service portal for Docker’s ecosystem partners to publish and distribute their software...
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ClusterHQ’s Flocker combines scalable, enterprise-grade container functionality with persistent storage.

ClusterHQ’s Mohit Bhatnagar Talks Flocker, Docker, and the Rise of Open Source

Container technology remains very big news, and if you bring up the topic almost everyone immediately thinks of Docker. But, there are other tools that can compete with Docker, and tools that can extend it and make it more flexible. CoreOS’s Rkt, for example, is a command-line tool for running app...
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Red Hat Composes Ansible to Help Build Containers

Red Hat expands its DevOps platform to enable developers to more easily build their own containers. Red Hat is expanding its open-source Ansible platform with a new module called Ansible Container that enables organizations to build and deploy containers. Ansible is a DevOps automation platform...
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As Red Hat Aims for $5 Billion in Revenue, Linux Won’t Be Only Driver

Last year Red Hat, which has been mostly known for selling Linux in the enterprise becamethe first $2 billion open source company. Now it wants to be the first to $5 billion, but it might not be just Linux that gets it there. A couple of years ago Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst recognized, even in the...
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With Cloud Foundry, Provides a Federally-Compliant Cloud for Government Work

Ensuring U.S. government agencies have a compliant cloud-based infrastructure is the task of the General Services Administration’s 18F digital services, which created, a Cloud Foundry-based hosted cloud service specifically for federal agencies. In this episode of The New Stack Makers ...
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Containers Are on Fire as Enterprises Ramp Up Adoption

Container technology is rapidly transforming the way enterprises develop and deliver applications, and adoption is set to ramp up spectacularly in the next year, even as obstacles towards adoption persist. A new report from the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Hope Versus Reality: Containers in 2016,...
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