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Series Highlights Top Cloud Technologies and Container Tools

With so many technologies, tools, and techniques to keep track of, it can be hard to know where to start learning new skills. This series on next-gen cloud technologies aims to help you get up to speed on the important projects and products in emerging and rapidly changing areas such as containers...
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DevOps and Culture: The Evolution of DevOps in the Tech Industry

The tech landscape has evolved significantly in recent decades. Constant innovation in the space has forced these companies to rethink and reinvent how they compete in the market. And the more I learn about these changes, the more I’ve become entranced with movements like DevOps. DevOps as a...
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A Look Into Cloud Foundry’s Past, Present, and Future

Cloud Foundry has quickly risen as one of the de-facto solutions to developing applications at scale. As companies continue to approach development with a multi-platform approach, Cloud Foundry offers developers a platform upon which to build apps without having to recreate the wheel when deploying...
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Will Containers Replace Hypervisors? Almost Certainly!

After OpenStack, the number one topic that I get asked about these days is containers and their prospects for the enterprise and cloud-native applications. The prospect of containers replacing hypervisors such as VMware ESX or Linux KVM (the default for most OpenStack deployments) is of keen...
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All About the DC/OS Open Source Project

This article is sponsored by Mesosphere as a Diamond-level sponsor of MesosCon North America. In April Mesosphere, along with 60 partners (including Accenture, Autodesk, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Yelp and Microsoft), announced the DC/OS project, what has been called the first open and comprehensive...
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Tigera Plans to Solve the Container Networking Challenge

Container networking is a messy affair. Tigera, a startup announced earlier this month by Metaswitch veterans, aims to make it simpler and more secure by melding Project Calico and CoreOS flannel into a new open source platform called Canal. Although containers from CoreOS, Docker, and other...
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PromCon 2016

PromCon 2016 will be the first conference around the Prometheus monitoring system. It will take place from August 25 - 26 at Google Berlin and will be a single-track event with space for 80 attendants. All talks will be recorded and published after the event to create maximum exposure. PromCon aims...
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Introducing Unik: Build and Run Unikernels with Ease

By Idit Levine (@Idit_Levine), Office of the CTO & CTO of Cloud Platform Team, EMC Check out the Unik code today at Catch the announcement and live demo today at 11am PDT/2pm EDT: If you're...
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Publisher's Cloud Strategy Improves Uptime and Agility with PaaS

It's not a trivial matter to move from legacy environments to PaaS, but your workloads will thank you for it. Here's how Springer Nature used PaaS and microservices to improve its business. Everyone wants to "do cloud" these days, but reality—and legacy applications—bite. Some of the burden of...
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SAP Rolls Cloud Foundry HANA Platform Beta

SAP has released a beta version of its Hana Cloud Platform for Cloud Foundry. The software giant yesterday released a Cloud Foundry beta service that works on the Pivotal-inspired open-source cloud. Coming with the beta is support for Java, Node.js, HTML5, MongoDB, Redis, PostgresSQL and RabbitMQ...
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