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Cloud Native Storage: A Primer

We recently debated at a technical forum what cloud native storage is, which led me to believe that this topic deserves a deeper discussion and more clarity. First though, I first want to define what cloud native applications are, as some may think that containerizing an application is enough to...
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Three Steps to Blend Cloud and Edge Computing on IoT

For years, companies have relied on systems that compute and control from a relatively central location. Even cloud-based systems rely on a single set of software components that churn through data, gather results and serve them back. The internet of things changes that dynamic. Suddenly, thousands...
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The CNCF Just Got 36 Companies to Agree to a Kubernetes Certification Standard

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced today that 36 members have agreed to a set of certification standards for Kubernetes, the immensely popular open source container orchestration tool. This should make it easy for users to move from one version to another without worry, while...
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Containerd Brings More Container Runtime Options for Kubernetes

A container runtime is software that executes containers and manages container images on a node. Today, the most widely known container runtime is Docker, but there are other container runtimes in the ecosystem, such as rkt, containerd, and lxd. Docker is by far the most common container runtime...
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Prometheus 2.0 Arrives with a Speedy New Local Storage Engine

Improved local storage is at the heart of the new release of Prometheus 2.0, according to Fabian Reinartz, a CoreOS software engineer and a core developer of the Prometheus monitoring system. With distributed system coordination software such as Kubernetes and Mesos, monitored environments have...
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Cloud Foundry: Focusing on Flexibility and Choice for a Cloud-Native World

For some organizations working outside of technology hubs such as Silicon Valley, there is a vast shortage of developer talent to choose from. As a result, many have taken a proactive learning approach to help bring their developers up-to-speed with the demands of today’s cloud-native software...
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Edge Computing Moves the Open Cloud Beyond the Data Center

Edge computing, like public cloud at scale, requires a convenient, powerful cloud software stack that can be deployed in a unified, efficient and sustainable way. Open source is leading the way. When we think of cloud computing, most of us envision large-scale, centralized data centers running...
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OpenStack Aims to Improve Integration with Cloud Native Technologies

At the OpenStack Summit in Australia, open-source cloud effort announces a series of new efforts to help improve integration across a variety of complementary cloud native technologies. At the first day of the event, several initiatives designed to help improve and promote integration between...
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Analyzing Docker Container Performance with Native Tools

Containerization is changing how organizations deploy and use software. You can now deploy almost any software reliably with just the docker run command. And with orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and DC/OS, even production deployments are easy to set up. You may have already experimented...
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OpenStack’s Next Mission: Bridging the Gaps Between Open Source Projects

OpenStack, the massive open source project that provides large businesses with the software tools to run their data center infrastructure, is now almost eight years old. While it had its ups and downs, hundreds of enterprises now use it to run their private clouds and there are even over two dozen...
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