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Price Is Not the Driving Factor in the Cloud Services Biz

According to 451 Research’s latest Cloud Price Index (CPI), the cloud services sector is a long way from being a commodity market. Price, the CPI indicates, barely affects market share, while value-added services comprise the real driver in the sector. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google have been...
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Steady User Growth Characterizes Cloud Foundry Ecosystem

The CF community now includes 173 user groups with 33,400-plus individual members across 105 cities in 48 countries, CEO Sam Ramji said. Cloud Foundry might be the only PaaS to have its own user conference—a three-day one, at that. Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud platform as a service...
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4 Steps To Secure Serverless Applications

Serverless applications remove a lot of the operational burdens from your team. No more managing operating systems or running low level infrastructure. This lets you and your team focus on building…and that’s a wonderful thing. But don’t let the lack of day-to-day operational tasks fool you into...
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Hear from Chris Pinkham, VP of Engineering at Twitter about the challenges of running one of the single largest Mesos clusters known.

At MesosCon: Chris Pinkham Details Twitter's Platform Infrastructure

As a preview to MesosCon, we spoke with Chris Pinkham, VP of Engineering at Twitter, about some of the issues involved with running “one of the largest single Mesos clusters known” and why open source technology is critical to Twitter’s success. In his keynote presentation, “Platform...
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Rise of Open Cloud Architecture and Over-the-Top (OTT) Network Services

To meet greater traffic demands and lower operating costs, some of the world’s largest service providers today are looking at open source software to deliver new network services using OpenStack and Linux containers. In a panel on ‘Rise of Open Cloud Architectures and Over-the-Top Network Services...
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This Week in Linux News: Torvalds Monitoring Year 2038 Problem, Open Source Jobs Still in High Demand, & More

1) Linus Torvalds is keeping a close eye on Y2K-like "2038 problem," which is already causing problems.Torvalds Unhappy with Sloppy Unix Millennium Bug Patches for Linux Kernel- Neowin   2) The Linux Foundation's 2016 Open Source Jobs Report shows that demand for open source talent in the...
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With Ansible Update, Docker Compose Files Can Configure Networks

If you’re deploying containers at very large scale, there’s a very good chance that you use a variety of automation tools simultaneously.  Docker has its own, naturally, and its scripts are almost delightfully straightforward and easy for the mind to digest. But it doesn’t really matter how simple...
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Securing the Cloud With SDN

It’s becoming clear that rising network security threats will drive increasing integration between network virtualization (NV) and security, as we’ve long predicted here. This means that software-defined networking (SDN) will become a key technology for securing the cloud. SDN can significantly...
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Distributed Tracing for Polyglot Microservices

Distributed tracing is a critical tool for debugging and understanding microservices. But setting up tracing libraries across all services can be costly—especially in systems composed of services written in disparate languages and frameworks. In this post, we’ll show you how you can easily add...
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Five-Minute Screencasts to Learn Kubernetes

Containers are disrupting the way we develop applications and the way we manage them in our datacenter. Docker provides a great user experience for developers, who can develop, package, ship, and run applications easily. However creating a truly distributed application made of several dozens,...
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