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Weave Cloud Integrates Docker Containers with AWS

Weaveworks announced the public beta of its Weave Cloud hosted cloud product. It combines versions of Weaveworks’ container networking and management software. Of particular interest: Weave Cloud offers native Docker container integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),...
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Deploying your Application to Kubernetes

At Travix we run about half of our 100 in-house developed applications in Google Container Engine, Google’s hosted version of the Kubernetes container management cluster. We started using it in May 2015 when Kubernetes was still in Alpha, and since then embraced it and use it as our default hosting...
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Top developer skills
Big Data, cloud, mobile, and JavaScript skills are in demand by employers looking for open source applications developers.

What Employers Want in an Open Source Applications Developer

As an applications developer, you are a problem solver. You design, implement and support next-generation applications that are utilized to meet company needs. You offer solutions to drive overall business performance and success. It should come as no surprise then that you are a hiring priority,...
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Serverless Microservices (and Minimal Ops): Current Limitations of AWS Lambda

At the heart of a microservice is the running code itself. Microservices also contain their own runtime, so they don't need to run on an ESB.  Using a serverless approach, you can distribute the workloads to optimize runtime. Microservices can be used to create this architecture, and scale...
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Containers Are on Fire as Enterprises Ramp Up Adoption

Container technology is rapidly transforming the way enterprises develop and deliver applications, and adoption is set to ramp up spectacularly in the next year, even as obstacles towards adoption persist. A new report from the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Hope Versus Reality: Containers in 2016,...
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Nearly Two-Thirds of IT Users Plan to Mainstream Containers in a Year, Global Survey Reveals

Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard multi-cloud platform, today announced findings from the most comprehensive global survey ever conducted on the adoption of containers. More than half of companies surveyed said they were either evaluating or using containers while a full 64%...
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CoreOS Linux is now available in China.

Microsoft Azure Brings CoreOS Linux to China

CoreOS Linux, an open source Linux operating system, is now available in China. Microsoft Azure operator 21Vianet has become the first officially supported cloud provider to offer CoreOS Linux in China. Until now, many Chinese organizations have deployed CoreOS Linux internally, on their own. "As a...
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From the Enterprise Service Bus to Microservices

Dealing with legacy is one of the most common areas of conversation we have around “cloud native” and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. I wrote up a basic framing for how to think of legacy applications last year as part of my cloud-native journey series, and in reviewing talks for the upcoming SpringOne...
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Chef's Habitat Puts the Automation in the App

The creators of the popular system-automation framework introduce Habitat, which allows apps to do their own automation on any target platform. The makers of the configuration management platform Chef, typically mentioned in the same breath with Puppet, Salt, and Ansible, is taking on application...
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How Docker Has Changed the DevOps Game

Cloud computing has paved the way for programmable infrastructure, which brought extreme automation into software development lifecycle. The ability to provision resources, configuring them on the fly, deploying applications, and monitoring the entire process led to the DevOps culture where...
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