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Tigera Plans to Solve the Container Networking Challenge

Container networking is a messy affair. Tigera, a startup announced earlier this month by Metaswitch veterans, aims to make it simpler and more secure by melding Project Calico and CoreOS flannel into a new open source platform called Canal. Although containers from CoreOS, Docker, and other...
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PromCon 2016

PromCon 2016 will be the first conference around the Prometheus monitoring system. It will take place from August 25 - 26 at Google Berlin and will be a single-track event with space for 80 attendants. All talks will be recorded and published after the event to create maximum exposure. PromCon aims...
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Introducing Unik: Build and Run Unikernels with Ease

By Idit Levine (@Idit_Levine), Office of the CTO & CTO of Cloud Platform Team, EMC Check out the Unik code today at Catch the announcement and live demo today at 11am PDT/2pm EDT: If you're...
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Publisher's Cloud Strategy Improves Uptime and Agility with PaaS

It's not a trivial matter to move from legacy environments to PaaS, but your workloads will thank you for it. Here's how Springer Nature used PaaS and microservices to improve its business. Everyone wants to "do cloud" these days, but reality—and legacy applications—bite. Some of the burden of...
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SAP Rolls Cloud Foundry HANA Platform Beta

SAP has released a beta version of its Hana Cloud Platform for Cloud Foundry. The software giant yesterday released a Cloud Foundry beta service that works on the Pivotal-inspired open-source cloud. Coming with the beta is support for Java, Node.js, HTML5, MongoDB, Redis, PostgresSQL and RabbitMQ...
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Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston, SVP at Docker, speaks at Collaboration Summit.

3 Reasons Docker and Containerization Lit Up Application Development [Video]

Docker was the flame that catalyzed innovation in application development, according to Scott Johnston, senior vice president of product management and design at Docker. However, that success was entirely unforeseen. "I wish I could say that we had a premeditated mindset three years ago when we...
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How Hybrid Cloud Storage Accelerates Cloud On-Ramping

Hybrid cloud storage promises to provide the enterprise with agile, elastic, and reliable virtual storage services that can also accelerate adoption of other cloud-enabled IT solutions. As companies succeed with cloud transformation projects and IT adopts more of an internal service provider...
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Scaling Collaboration in DevOps

Most DevOps platforms and tools are designed with scalability in mind. DevOps environments often run in the cloud and tend to be volatile. It’s important for the software that supports DevOps to be able to scale in real time to address spikes and lulls in demand. The same thing is true for the...
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OSOps Gives Operators a Powerful Tool to Poke OpenStack Developers

For JJ Asghar, senior partner engineer of OpenStack at Chef, there is one issue that continues to hamper OpenStack’s success: Operations. It’s no secret in the Ops community that there is a large barrier to entry involved in becoming a part of theOpenStack community. When it comes to submitting...
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Build IoT Solutions with the Azure IoT Gateway

The Azure Internet of Things team has recently open sourced the gateway SDKs that can be used to build and deploy applications for Azure IoT.
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