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OS Summit
Watch the recorded keynotes and technical sessions from OS Summit and ELC Europe.

Watch Keynote Videos from OS Summit and ELC Europe 2017 Including a Conversation with Linus Torvalds

If you weren’t able to attend Open Source Summit and Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) Europe last week, don’t worry! We’ve recorded keynote presentations from both events and all the technical sessions from ELC Europe to share with you here. Check out the on-stage conversation with Linus Torvalds...
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Cloud-Native, Seven Years On…

The high-level concept of cloud-native is simple: systems that give users a better experience by virtue of operating in the cloud in a genuinely cloud-centric way. In other words, the cloud may make an existing database easier to start up, but if the database doesn’t support elasticity then it can’...
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Open Source Summit EU
The Linux Foundation's European Open Source Summit was filled with influential tech voices, networking opportunities, and key news this week.

This Week in Open Source News: Open Source Summit Europe Is Platform for Several Important Announcements

In this special Open Source Summit Europe edition of the weekly digest, we revisit stories that broke at the annual gathering of open source experts and enthusiasts. Here's what you might have missed in Prague. 1) The annual Linux Kernel Development Report has been released, detailing the...
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Microsoft Launches Brigade: An Event-Driven Scripting Tool for Kubernetes

To this end, Microsoft has been populating the container space with open source tools that make containerized workloads faster to adopt, easier to use — and, increasingly, reliably automated. So far, 2017 has seen Microsoft acquire Deis, which developed Helm. Helm is a package manager to install...
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Oracle's contributions are focused in areas that help move container and Kubernetes workloads to production including the main project, security, testing, federation, conformance, and service catalog.

Flexibility, Choice, and Open Source Drive Oracle’s Cloud Focus

At the recent Open Source Summit in Los Angeles, Oracle made some major announcements, including joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), in an effort to help ease cloud native and container adoption for the enterprise. Additionally, the company has released Kubernetes on Oracle Linux...
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CNCF Brings Security to the Cloud Native Stack with Notary, TUF Adoption

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation continues to vigorously build its portfolio of open source cloud-native technologies. CNCF’s Technical Oversight Committee voted to accept both the Docker-developed Notary trusted content framework and the specification Notary was built on, TUF, as the 13th and...
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The Trouble With Promises: Patrick Debois Explains Serverless And 'Service-Full' Culture

The old way of thinking about web systems? Nothing can go down, so we must build the ultimate cluster. The new way of thinking about third-party cloud services? Things go down, so we need to know how to deal with that. “I could say it’s a problem with serverless, but it’s a problem with any service...
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The Four Pillars of Cloud-Native Operations

As organizations shift their application strategies to embrace the cloud-native world, the purpose of the cloud transitions from saving money to delivering and managing applications. Platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Docker redefine the possibilities for application environments that...
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How to Align Your Team Around Microservices

Microservices have been a focus across the open source world for several years now. Although open source technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Swarm make it easier than ever for organizations to adopt microservice architectures, getting your team on the same page about...
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How Containers and Microservices Change Security

Cloud-native applications and infrastructure require a radically different approach to security. Keep these best practices in mind. Today organizations large and small are exploring the adoption of cloud-native software technologies. “Cloud-native” refers to an approach that packages software...
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