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The Cloud Foundry Way: Open Source, Pair Programming and Well Defined Processes

This is a series of posts about Cloud Foundry–both the community and the project–and how these teams work. Please comment and ask questions so we can answer them in future posts! Cloud Foundry is a unique open source software project. Actually, it’s a collection of projects that all together make a...
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What Are Microservices and Why Should You Use Them?

Traditionally, software developers created large, monolithic applications. The single monolith would encompass all the business activities for a single application. As the requirements of the application grew, so did the monolith. In this model, implementing an improved piece of business...
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7 Ways Cloud Computing Propels IT Security

To some, cloud computing and IT security do not intersect. The results are often disastrous. Considering the huge amount of press that cloud computing receives when breaches occur, it's easy to understand why they believe that. But if you look at IT security from a wider lens, you'll see that cloud...
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Kubernetes-Powered PaaS Focuses on DevOps

The creator of Kel, a devops-focused PaaS for Web applications has released an open source edition of its platform. Kel is based on the container-cluster management system Kubernetes and was originally made to run Gondor, a managed host for Python and Django apps. Eldarion, the company behind...
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Microservices Require Robust API Management

As the microservices approach is becoming more prevalent in application development, API operations, or API Ops, is increasingly being recognized as a requisite skill amongst enterprise and startups. Microservices architecture breaks down services and assets into discrete, composable units. And...
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Open Wireless Standards Could Save Smart Cities 30% on Tech Costs

"Open standards can [ensure] money is invested more efficiently and dramatically accelerate IoT adoption and growth," said Jeremy Green, Machina analyst and author of the report. Machina provides market research and strategic guidance on M2M and IoT. Reliance on open standards should seem obvious,...
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Albert Greenberg, Director of Azure Networking and Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, at Open Networking Summit 2016.
Albert Greenberg, Director of Azure Networking and Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, at Open Networking Summit 2016.

Open Source Enables Scale-out in SDN Powered Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure’s programmable, scalable and high-performance network infrastructure is leveraging software-defined networking (SDN) principles as well as open source components to meet the demands of massive cloud-based production environments, said Albert Greenberg, Director of Azure Networking...
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Mashing Up OpenStack With Hyperconverged Storage

OpenStack has pretty much vanquished Eucalyptus, CloudStack, and a few other open source alternatives from the corporate datacenter, and it is giving VMware’s vCloud/vRealize a run for the money and has even compelled VMware to launch its own OpenStack distribution, VMware Integrated OpenStack....
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Interop: SDN Growing to $12.5B, SD-WAN to $6B

With Software Defined Networking (SDN), Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and the overall disaggregation of networking from hardware, IDC's view is that now is an exciting time for networking. At the 2015 IDC Interop breakfast meeting the analyst...
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Samsung Launches Artik Open IDE and Cloud Platform

At the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco last week, Samsung was all about the Internet of Things (IoT), but surprisingly, much of did not revolve around Tizen or SmartThings. Instead, the main focus was on its newly shipping Artik embedded boards, which ship with Fedora. There was some...
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