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Can You Do Serious Microservices Without a PaaS?

Application servers are dead. At least, that seems to be the message being pushed by most evangelists and even a few enterprise software providers. In their place will rise self-contained microservices, running much the same kind of technology, but now deployed in containers or stand alone...
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Business Transformation Matures Beyond Cloud: Red Hat

While cloud is still top of mind for many chief information officers, Red Hat office of technology vice president and chief technologist Chris Wright believes an increasing area of focus for businesses today is trying to figure out how to automate their infrastructure stack. Speaking to ZDNet,...
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Project Calico, Flannel Join Forces for Policy-Secured Networking

Traditional approaches to network management and security are ill-suited for the fluid nature of container and microservices-based architectures. Containers appear, disappear and are moved around to different compute nodes far too frequently to be assigned static IP addresses, much less be...
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NEC/NetCracker’s NFV Platform Dives Into DevOps

Here at the TM Forum Live conference, NEC and Netcracker Technology today launched the Agile Virtual Platform (AVP), a sprawling network functions virtualization (NFV) platform designed to help service providers build and manage new services based on emerging virtualization technology. You could...
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Docker Security Scanning Now Available to Docker Cloud Users

Popular container technology provider Docker announced that its security scanning product, formerly codenamed project Nautilus, is now generally available. Aptly named Docker Security Scanning, the service provides detailed analysis of Docker application images hosted on the Docker Hub image...
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OpenStack, SDN, and Container Networking Power Enterprise Cloud at PayPal

Experimenting with software-defined networking (SDN), overlays and container networking is the latest step in PayPal's journey to build its next generation Enterprise Cloud infrastructure. At Open Networking Summit 2016 (ONS), Jigar Desai, VP of Cloud and Platforms at PayPal, shared the company’s...
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Brian Sullivan, Director of Streaming Data Engineering & Analytics at Netflix,
Brian Sullivan, Director of Streaming Data Engineering & Analytics at Netflix, speaks at Apache Big Data in Vancouver, B.C., on May 9, 2016.

Live from Apache Big Data: Netflix Uses Open Source Tools for Global Content Expansion

“We measured, we learned, we innovated, and we grew.” Brian Sullivan, Director of Streaming Data Engineering & Analytics at Netflix, recited this recipe for the streaming video giant’s success several times during his keynote address at the Apache Big Data conference in Vancouver today. It was...
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Welcome Prometheus

Hi - my name is Alexis Richardson, and I’m the chairman of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation TOC - Technical Oversight Committee.  The TOC is an elected board of nine people.  Representing the interests of CNCF’s members, we define and execute the CNCF’s technology strategy.  I’m also the CEO...
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The Cloud Foundry Way: Open Source, Pair Programming and Well Defined Processes

This is a series of posts about Cloud Foundry–both the community and the project–and how these teams work. Please comment and ask questions so we can answer them in future posts! Cloud Foundry is a unique open source software project. Actually, it’s a collection of projects that all together make a...
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What Are Microservices and Why Should You Use Them?

Traditionally, software developers created large, monolithic applications. The single monolith would encompass all the business activities for a single application. As the requirements of the application grew, so did the monolith. In this model, implementing an improved piece of business...
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